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(Menorca, Spain)

The island of Menorca is one of Spain's popular Balearic Islands and can be found off the eastern shoreline. To the north-east of both Mallorca and Ibiza, Menorca is a relatively small island, surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Maó is the capital of the island and is known as Mahon in Castilian, with the Menorca Mahon Airport (MAH) being located nearby, to the south-west.

Menorca Mahon Airport (MAH) Maps: Important City Districts

Maó lies on the eastern side of Menorca, towards to the south coast. Regular ferries from both mainland Spain and nearby Mallorca arrive at the capital's bustling harbour, while many further visitors choose to fly into the airport. The Old Quarter area of Maó contains numerous narrow streets, surrounding with the Plaça de s'Esplanada, the main plaza. A number of popular beaches can be found in this part of Menorca and include the Platja de Punta Prima, just a short distance to the south, and the Es Grau, nearby and to the north.

The island's main thoroughfare is the ME1, which runs through the very middle of Menorca, stretched between both Maó and Ciutadella - on the western side. Ciutadella is Menorca's second-biggest town and is centred around its main public square, the Plaça d'es Born, with many waterfront attractions and sandy beaches close by.

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